The St. Clair Theatre Guild’s mission is to provide the Blue Water community with quality theatre art and entertainment, as well as creative and educational opportunities.

17 October 2014 ~ Comments Off

“Steel Magnolias” – December 11-13, 2014

The Guild is presenting Robert Harling‘s play Steel Magnolias on December 11, 12 and 13. Our venue will be the St. Clair Knights of Columbus Hall, 3501 Rattle Run Rd. in St. Clair Township. Curtain time each evening will be 7:30 p.m.

SCTG’s production is being directed by Lucie Gillespie and produced by Brian Moss and Ray Govaere.

Steel Magnolias is the enduring and humorous tale of six southern women who share the ups and downs of their lives at the local beauty salon. As the title suggests, the main female characters are both as delicate as the magnolia flower and as tough as steel.

Harling’s play described the experience of his family and friends following the death of his sister from diabetic complications after the birth of his namesake nephew and failure of a family member-donated kidney. A writer friend continuously encouraged Harling to write it down in order to come to terms with the experience. He did but originally as a short story for his nephew, which he later redeveloped into the play.

Tickets are $15.00 general admission, $12.00 for students and seniors, and will be available after Thanksgiving at the following locations:

  • Saint Clair Art Center
  • Sue’s Coffee House
  • and Online on the SCTG website

01 October 2014 ~ Comments Off

2014-15 SCTG Board of Directors elected

The St. Clair Theatre Guild announces its Board of Directors for 2014-15:

President: Brian Moss
Vice President: Sue Daniels
Secretary: Trevor Hodgins *
Treasurer: John Klecha

Mike Bickley
Aaron Buckley
Kenzie Calihan *
Erin Getzin *
Ray Govaere
Gary Gray
Donna Troike
Jo-Anne Wilkie *

We are pleased to have four members whose term expired return to the board and to welcome four new board members (indicated with an asterisk).

21 September 2014 ~ Comments Off

Auditions for “Steel Magnolias” Oct. 13th & 14th

Attention, ladies! (and gentlemen who may know some very strong actresses):

Auditions for the Guild’s upcoming production of Robert Harling’s Steel Magnolias are happening Monday and Tuesday, October 13th and 14th at the Guild Building on Goffe St. in St. Clair. Auditions begin each evening at 7:30 p.m.Please come and show us what you’ve got!

There is a perusal script available for “in library” reading at the St. Clair branch of the St. Clair County Library System. It will be available through October 15th, ask for it at the main desk.

Steel Magnolias is being directed by Lucie Gillespie. Producers are Brian Moss and Ray Govaere.

10 September 2014 ~ Comments Off

Annual Meeting is Sunday, September 21st

AnnualMeeting1The St. Clair Theatre Guild will be holding it’s annual General Membership Meeting on Sunday, September 21, 2014. The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Guild Building on Goffe St. in St. Clair.

There will be a minimum of five and up to a maximum of nine board seats available this year. If interested in joining the board, or know someone you might want to nominate, please contact us prior to the meeting via Facebook or the contact form on the website. You must be present at the Annual Meeting; dues paid and been active this past year.

Come share your ideas on what shows and activities you would like to see the Guild participate in.

The board would like to thank Tom, Sharon, Mike and Aaron for their leadership in making SCTG a success this past year. Tom has been instrumental advertising, Sharon with her organizational skills, Mike with his “let’s get moving” attitude and Aaron with the optimism of youth, and all have brought laughter and focus to this year’s board.

Sharon and Tom have elected to step down and join the ranks of members at large. Mike and Aaron at large if the membership chooses. We wish them luck as they move on to new adventures and we look forward to their participation in other capacities. Thank you and you will be missed!