Farewell to the St. Clair Theatre Guild

After more than fifty years of artistic service to our community, the story of the St. Clair Theatre Guild regretfully has come to an end.

We leave, however, with a legacy of theatrical productions, training, and fellowship that will be long remembered by those who were fortunate to take part in the Guild’s work since 1966.

Our final production, fittingly, was a celebration of our 50th Anniversary in 2016.

To close out our business as a non-profit association, we have some housekeeping to do:

  • The City of Saint Clair will be taking over the rehearsal and storage building on Goffe St. in Klecha Park. While the building itself was paid for by the Guild, the property belongs to the city and we’ve been paying a nominal annual rent for its use for over twenty years. We thank the city for its partnership with us.
  • In order to prepare the building for its new use with the city’s Beautification Commission, we need to clean some things out. To that end, we are scheduling three “open house” dates (see the separate post below). Anyone interested in set pieces, props, costumes, tools, or other items that we have squirreled away is invited to attend. Most of the items will be free for the taking, and we’ll be inviting other non-profit theater, church, and other groups to stop by and see if we have something they can use. A few items will have nominal “Buy It Now” prices and/or optional closed bidding; they will be clearly marked.
  • The Guild had around $2,000 remaining in its bank accounts, and we have sold a few items already. Any funds remaining after settling any remaining debts will be donated to the St. Clair Art Association.

We sincerely thank everyone who has participated, attended, or otherwise supported the St. Clair Theatre Guild for over five decades. Times have changed, and it’s past time for us to change as well. Please continue to support live theater and the arts in your community!