Board and Committees

2018-19 Board of Directors

(The year each board member’s term ends is shown in parentheses.)


Tom Kephart (2020)

Vice President

Brian Moss (2020)


Melanie Freeman (2019)


Kim LaDuke (2019)


Holly Cross (2020)

Sue Daniels (2020)

Wendy Harder (2019)

Stacey Jowett (2020)

Owen McIntyre (2020)

Wayne Weber (2019)

Jo-Anne Wilkie (2020)


  • Cobb Memorial Arts Scholarship: Kim LaDuke (chair), Tony Cavis, Sue Daniels, Hrant Hratchian
  • Costumes and Properties: Sue Daniels (chair)
  • Development and Patronage: Tom Kephart
  • Education: Stacey Jowett, Owen McIntyre, Tom Kephart
  • Facilities: Brian Moss
  • Marketing and Communications: Tom Kephart
  • Membership: Melanie Freeman (chair)
  • Nominations: Tom Kephart
  • Programming: Tom Kephart (chair), Owen McIntyre
  • Special Events: Brian Moss (chair), Wendy Harder


The by-laws of the St. Clair Theatre Guild, most recently amended in September 2018, may be viewed or downloaded by using this link.