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11 February 2015 ~ Comments Off on “Dueling Pianos” raises over $1200 for Cobb Scholarship Fund

“Dueling Pianos” raises over $1200 for Cobb Scholarship Fund


Congratulations are due to the Scholarship Committee for their very successful fundraiser, “Dueling Pianos.” All feedback indicates that a great time was had by all who attended.

It appears that the committee’s efforts have increased the fund by better than $1200. This constitutes the first significant increase in many years. We are excited to have this Scholarship Fund gaining ground again in order to offer this benefit to our members.


Brian S. Moss

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24 January 2015 ~ Comments Off on A letter from the SCTG President regarding “The Music Man”

A letter from the SCTG President regarding “The Music Man”

After making change after change in order to stage the production of The Music Man, we encountered a circumstance which could not be overcome in the time remaining. Our cast was informed and released as of January 21, 2015.

This was a decision not made easily or happily and may indicate a need to rethink our ability to produce large cast musicals. Our heartfelt thanks to all who came out for the auditions and committed to the several months it takes to build and perform a show of this magnitude.

We deeply regret having to make this decision and extend our thanks to all the cast and crew for your commitments.

The SCTG Board will have a special meeting this Sunday to determine what our next move will be. Please keep in touch with us as this is merely a setback. It will not deter us from future productions.

Brian Moss

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01 October 2014 ~ Comments Off on 2014-15 SCTG Board of Directors elected

2014-15 SCTG Board of Directors elected

The St. Clair Theatre Guild announces its Board of Directors for 2014-15:

President: Brian Moss
Vice President: Sue Daniels
Secretary: Trevor Hodgins *
Treasurer: John Klecha

Mike Bickley
Aaron Buckley
Kenzie Calihan *
Erin Getzin *
Ray Govaere
Gary Gray
Donna Troike
Jo-Anne Wilkie *

We are pleased to have four members whose term expired return to the board and to welcome four new board members (indicated with an asterisk).

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10 September 2014 ~ Comments Off on Annual Meeting is Sunday, September 21st

Annual Meeting is Sunday, September 21st

AnnualMeeting1The St. Clair Theatre Guild will be holding it’s annual General Membership Meeting on Sunday, September 21, 2014. The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Guild Building on Goffe St. in St. Clair.

There will be a minimum of five and up to a maximum of nine board seats available this year. If interested in joining the board, or know someone you might want to nominate, please contact us prior to the meeting via Facebook or the contact form on the website. You must be present at the Annual Meeting; dues paid and been active this past year.

Come share your ideas on what shows and activities you would like to see the Guild participate in.

The board would like to thank Tom, Sharon, Mike and Aaron for their leadership in making SCTG a success this past year. Tom has been instrumental advertising, Sharon with her organizational skills, Mike with his “let’s get moving” attitude and Aaron with the optimism of youth, and all have brought laughter and focus to this year’s board.

Sharon and Tom have elected to step down and join the ranks of members at large. Mike and Aaron at large if the membership chooses. We wish them luck as they move on to new adventures and we look forward to their participation in other capacities. Thank you and you will be missed!

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